HUSQVARNA ST 427 Snow Blower


Designed for commercial operators, Husqvarna's 400 series snow blower are a premium option featuring hydrostatic transmissions and steel operator consoles. They provide the durability and maneuverability required to manage the roughest sidewalks, driveways, or common areas and the heaviest snows day in and day out.

  • Working width: 27 in
  • Working width: 69 cm
  • Cylinder displacement: 22.52 cu.inch
  • Cylinder displacement: 369 см³
    • Remote chute rotator: Fast and easy change of the chute direction with an easily reachable rotator.
    • Remote chute deflector: Control the vertical throwing direction with a lever on the panel.
    • Two-stage system: Snow is fed into the housing by an auger screw and then discharged through the chute by an impeller fan.
    • High speed impeller: Gives extra long snow throwing distance.
    • Clearing stick: If the chute clogs, it is easy to clear it with the clearing stick.
    • High capacity belt system: High capacity belt system for extra capability in heavy snow.

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