HUSQVARNA 230iB (Blower) KIT


Discover the perfect blend of strength and comfort with the Husqvarna 230iB (Blower) KIT. This battery-operated blower effortlessly removes leaves and trash while maintaining its lightweight and exceptional blowing force, making it a very maneuverable tool.

This blower’s balanced, ergonomic design makes it comfortable to operate, and it has an integrated debris scraper. You can also start working straight away with the BLi22 battery and QC250 charger that are supplied.

  • Lightweight and maneuverable at only 8.4 lbs
  • QC250 charger and BLi22 battery included
  • Able to be used in all Husqvarna battery tools, our lithium-ion batteries are durable, easy to swap and recharge quickly
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