Einhell 4512131 18V 2.5Ah Power X-Change Starter Kit (Battery and Charger)


The Einhell 4512131 18V 2.5Ah Power X-Change Starter Kit is the ideal basis for starting or expanding the Power X-Change range in your home.The starter kit with an 2.5 Ah 18V Power X-Change PLUS rechargeable battery and high-speed charger is a member of the multifunctional and completely interchangeable Power X-Change rechargeable battery system from Einhell. The chargers from the series can also be used universally for every PXC rechargeable battery.

The high-quality rechargeable battery resists the memory effect and the self-discharging normally associated with batteries, to deliver constant high power.

  • Maximum safety due to intelligent charge management
  • Permanent battery monitoring for optimum charging
  • Charger features – Extremely space-saving and compact design
  • Current information on 6-stage status LED display
  • No tangled cables and free working
  • Maximum safety, optimum performance, operating time and lifetime
  • Housing protected against dust, corrosion and mechanical damage
  • Battery features – ABS process-controlled battery management system
  • Refresh mode allows deeply discharged batteries to be reactivated
  • Quick-charge technology ensures short charging times
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