Einhell 36V 8-1/4″ Cordless Table Saw (Bare Tool)


The Einhell 36V 8-1/4″ cordless table saw 4340451 is an ideal basic tool for all those who work with the woodworking and renovation world. The table saw can be used to cut soft and hard wood. The sturdy aluminum table is lightweight, torsion-resistant and has perfect sliding properties. For wider workpieces, the table has extendable extension table on the right which allow rip cuts of 24-3/4″.

As a small and compact tool, the table saw can also be integrated into small workshops or hobby cellars and is also ideal for mobile use, such as the home or cottage. Included is a miter gauge for accurate miter cuts from -60° to +60°. The blade can be tilted smoothly to the left up to 45°.

  • Infinitely height adjustable saw blade for extra safety
  • Holders for stowing away all the attachments on the equipment
  • Portable, mobile, with no annoying power cord
  • Sturdy aluminum table
  • Extractor connection on housing and saw blade guard for less mess
  • Small and compact, ideal for limited space or mobile use
  • The soft start function protects both the motor and the gear unit
  • Blade for mitres infinitely adjustable to the left by 450.
  • High-grade carbide-tipped saw blade, developed for cordless saws
  • Ultra-sturdy rip fence for exact longitudinal cuts
  • Batteries and charger sold separately
  • Member of the Power X-Change family, 2 x 18V batteries are required
  • Recommended batteries for maximum results 4.0 batteries
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