Einhell 18V 3A PowerX-Change Dual Port Fast Charger 30mins


The Einhell 18V 3A PowerX-Change Dual Port Fast Charger features high-performance, endurance and money-saving – the battery system can be used for all the tools from the Power X-Change series. The 18V 30 minute Power X-Change charger can be used universally for all PXC rechargeable batteries. The batteries have a much longer service life because the charging cycles are adjusted to the specific situation.

Permanent battery monitoring ensures optimum charging and provides up-to-the-moment information on the battery status while charging is in progress due to the 6-stage status-LED-indicator. Intelligent charging management ensures maximum safety during charging. For easy wall-mounting there are integrated suspension eyelets.

  • Universally applicable for all Power X-Change batteries
  • Saving money, protecting the environment and flexibility in the home and garden
  • Parallel charging of 2x 18V batteries saves space
  • Fast, high availability + uninterrupted work
  • Short charging times using fast charging technology
  • Permanent battery monitoring for optimal charging
  • Reactivation of deeply discharged batteries through refresh mode
  • Highest level of safety in view of intelligent charging management
  • Current information about 6x status LED display
  • User-friendly wall mounting thanks to integrated hanging loops
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