DEWALT 12-20V Max Dual Port Fast Charger lets you charge up to 2 12-volt to 20-volt max Li-ion batteries, which will optimize your productivity. With 2 USB ports, charge compatible items like your cell phone, iPod, and other batteries while you work. The DeWalt charging station allows you to get a complete battery charge within a 95-minute timeframe. The device includes a diagnostic indicator that allows you to visualize communications between your battery and charger.

The indicator reads: charged, charging, replace pack, and the battery temperature. Essentially, the DEWALT 12-20V Max Dual Port Fast Charger accommodates your charging needs in a prompt and efficient manner. At just 3.5 pounds, the device takes up minimal space, which leaves you more room for other tools and storage.

  • SIMULATENOUS CHARGING: charge two batteries at the same time
  • USB CHARGING: two USB ports to charge compatible devices up to 1.5 Amp max output
  • STATE OF CHARGE INDICATOR: Two-stage LED state of charge indicator