Dewalt 20V MAX/FLEXVOLT 12 Amp Fan Cooled Fast Charger


The Dewalt 20V Max/Flexvolt 12 Amp Fast Charger has the highest charge rate in our 20V MAX line while minimizing downtime on the site. The new Stage-1 and Stage-2 LED indicators communicate more about the battery’s state of charge than those without. The Stage-1 LED blinks until the battery is approximately 80% charged. It then stays solid and the Stage-2 LED blinks until the battery is fully charged. The latching technology increases the durability of the charger and battery connection, adding safer transport when the battery is installed.

  • COMPATIBILITY: DEWALT 20V MAX* and FLEXVOLT® 20V/60V MAX* batteries.
  • STATE OF CHARGE INDICATOR: Two-stage LED state of charge indicator.
  • FAN COOLING: Internal fan circulates air across batteries to reduce hot/cold pack delays resulting in faster charger cycle times